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About Me

I've drawn since a very young age and I've always loved it. I had dreams to be an illustrator as far back as I can remember - always admiring cartoonists, comic artists, and fantasy artists. But I grew up in the pre-internet days and there weren't many jobs in these fields in my home of New Jersey. And art school was... unaffordable. So I joined the Navy for a few years, got the G.I. Bill (college tuition for veterans), and eventually found my way into college.

But I had to be practical in those times, so I studied computers for years, in particular websites and databases. And that became my occupation for many years. I kept drawing on the side and did some design work for friends and business partners.

As the years went by I had a swelling feeling in my heart, and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I still wanted to be an illustrator. I put much of my work to the side, bought a drawing tablet, and I started drawing everyday and studying art again all day and night for years.

That was about the year 2013. Today I spend more than half of my work days working on illustration projects and I absolutely love it. I have also made hundreds of personal illustrations for the love of art. You can see a lot of these in my gallery.

I send out great love and gratitude to all the people who have helped me along the way. I look forward to many more years of drawing. I never stop improving, and my next project is always the best project.